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Picture Clinic

Rob Gutteridge is interested in your problems. Bring in your paintings and drawings to RGCR and let Rob advise you on any technical or conceptual matters that can help you to make breakthrough in your creative process.

Using his vast knowledge of materials, techniques, and processes Rob can advise and problem solve any issues you have with drawing and painting. Make an appointment and utilise his in-depth working knowledge of all the media of drawing, as well as accessing the insights he has into painting, built up over a lifetime of working in oils, acrylic, egg tempera, and watercolour.

Rob remains convinced of the validity of painting and drawing as means of creative expression and communication, and as objects of beauty and aesthetic delight. A consultation with him is based on genuine affirmation and support for the disciplines of drawing and painting. Rob’s helpful and positive critique is motivated by a desire to encourage practitioners of drawing and painting, helping them to improve their work by providing practical advice in material and conceptual matters.

While Rob’s current art practice and teaching focus is on classical realism, his work as a professional artist over 40 years has given him wide experience in the visual arts. Rob received the Peter Brown Scholarship to the New York Studio School in 1980 on the strength of the abstract paintings he was then making. So Rob can advise abstract artists, realist artists, and everything in between.

Consultation is by appointment.

Cost: $125.00 per hour.