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Full-time Study

Full-time study is available in 20-week study blocks. Full-time study provides an immersive experience in atelier training, and accelerates learning.

Full time study arrangements have been modified since 2023. Contact Rob Gutteridge for details.

Student time commitment:

  • 1 study block = 20 consecutive weeks
  • 5 days per week
  • 6 hours per day
  • 30 hours per week
  • 600 hours over 20 weeks

Full-time students receive:

  • 3 days teaching per week (18 hours): Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
  • 2 days untutored work on their current project: Monday, Friday
  • Sequential learning through the RGCR Atelier Program
  • Exclusive use of their own dedicated work station: a work station provides a shadow box for cast and still life work, shelving unit storage for materials, easel, chair, 2 spotlights, drawing boards
  • Exclusive use of the cast they are working on
  • Use of all RGCR facilities, teaching resources, library, anatomical models, life size skeleton
  • Air-conditioned teaching space
  • Key to the school for access on non-teaching days and after hours work: weekends, public holidays, and after hours – see Policy point 6 below.

Study options:

  • Single full-time 20-week block
  • Consecutive full-time 20-week blocks
  • Alternate full-time blocks and part-time study

The RGCR Atelier Program for a full-time student:

  • A student follows the RGCR Atelier Program
  • Works at their own pace
  • Moves through the Program by completing Subjects and Levels
  • The Director judges when a student has successfully completed a Subject and is ready to move on to the next.

Full-time: when to study?

  • Study may commence any time during the year
  • The School may need to interrupt study for reasons stated in Policy Point 4:

“The School reserves the right to adjust study periods, if for example there is a need for the Director to travel and he is unavailable to teach, or if a workshop is planned and the teaching space is required. If either is the case, students will be notified in advance, with alternative arrangements made.”

  • The school closes in the 2nd – 3rd week of December for the Xmas break. It is closed for 3 – 6 weeks. The closure period varies depending on the workshops planned for that time.
  • Public holidays should be discussed prior to enrolling. Full-time students with a key to the School have the option to continue their studies during public holidays.

The weekly timetable for full-time students

Class Time / Day Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
9:30am – 12:30pm Studio Tuition Tuition Studio Studio
1.00pm – 4.00pm Studio Tuition Tuition Studio Studio

In the table above, “Studio” denotes a full-time student working unsupervised on the Subject taught in “Tuition”.

Figure drawing and figure painting requiring a life model:

  • A life model is employed for Figure Drawing 1, 2 & 3, Portrait Painting, Figure Painting, Advanced Open Studio.
  • Long poses of approximately 40 hours+.

Prerequisite and concurrent Subjects for Figure Drawing and Figure Painting:

Prerequisites and concurrent study for Figure Drawing and Figure Painting Subjects
Figure Drawing and Figure Painting Weekdays 2-5pm

Saturday 10-1pm

Prerequisite Concurrent Subjects

Weekdays 10am-1pm

Figure Drawing 1 Introduction to Classical Drawing Cast Drawing 1, Master Copies: Drawing, Anatomy 1,2
Figure Drawing 2 Level 1 Cast Drawing 2, Anatomy 3 écorché, Anatomy 4, Classical Oil Painting 1,2
Figure Drawing 3

Portrait Painting

Figure Painting

Level 2 Cast Drawing 3, Still Life Painting,

Classical oil painting 3: master copies

Advanced Open Studio Level 3

A guide for the time it takes to complete Levels:

Hours required to complete Level 1
Subject Minimum Requirements Hours Total hours
Intro to classical drawing 9 drawings @ 40hrs+ each 360+
Cast Drawing 1 5 drawings @ 65hrs+ each 325+
Figure Drawing 1 3 drawings @ 45hrs+ each 135+
Master Copies – drawing 3 drawings @ 65hrs+ each 195+
Anatomy 1 Various drawings 90+
Anatomy 2 Various drawings 95+
= 2×20-week full-time study blocks
= 1 year full-time study
Hours required to complete Level 2
Subject Minimum Requirements Hours Total hours
Cast Drawing 2 4 drawings @ 60hrs+ each 240+
Figure Drawing 2 3 drawings @ 45hrs+ each 135+
Anatomy 3 – ecorche 1 anatomical sculpture 120+
Anatomy 4 Various drawings 160+
Classical oil painting 1:
Various painting exercises 245
Classical oil painting 2:
cast painting
4 cast paintings @ 75 hours each 300
= 2×20-week full-time study blocks
1 year full-time study
Hours required to complete Level 3
Subject Minimum Requirements Hours Total hours
Cast Drawing 3 4 drawings @ 60hrs+ each 240+
Figure Drawing 3 3 drawings @ 45hrs+ each 135+
Still life painting Various paintings 225+
Portrait painting Various paintings 300+
Figure painting Various paintings 300+
= 2×20-week full-time study blocks
1 year full-time study

Level 4:

    • Advanced Open Studio: 20+ weeks to complete
    • Students may stay in Advanced Open Studio for as long as they want.
    • After the successful completion of Advanced Open Studio (minimum 20+ weeks) a student can apply for the year-long Director’s Mentorship.

Time required to complete the RGCR Atelier Program as a full-time student:

  • 3-4 years full-time study
  • It is not an expectation that students complete a Subject or Subjects within the period of a 20-week study block; individual students will work at their own pace
  • The prerequisite learning model of the RGCR Atelier Program requires students to successfully complete the Subject they are studying, before moving on to the next, more advanced Subject.
  • The Director decides if work presented merits successful completion of a Subject.
  • The minimum requirements for each subject in the table below can be considered a reliable guide for most students, leading to successful completion of a Subject.
  • The Director may ask a student to spend longer on a subject if he considers it will help them successfully complete more advanced Subjects.
  • It is not in the students best interests to be advanced through to a Subject they are not ready for.
  • In the table, the number of hours quoted for Subject completion is a guide only. Some students may take longer.
  • Students may do more than the minimum number of drawings or paintings required if they are finding a subject personally rewarding.


Costs 2020

Full time 20 hour study block

3 days (6 hours per day) = 18 hours per week @ $17.00 per hour
= $306.00 per week
x 20 weeks
= $6120.00

Unsupervised Studio Work
2 days (6 hours per day) = 12 hours per week @ $8.00 per hour
= $96.00 per week
x 20 weeks
= $1,920.00

Total = $8040.00
+ 10% GST ($804.00)
= $8844.00
+ $30.00 new student administration fee
+ materials costs

To be purchased by the student:

  • all art materials pertaining to drawing and painting
  • écorché: armature, anatomy sculpture instruction book, clay, tools

Fee comparison: you will find RGCR costs are approximately 35% lower than national or international full-time tuition fees. (The money you save each year could pay for a European study tour!)


  • The School is the first atelier art school in the southern hemisphere to be granted the status of ARC Approved. ARC: Art Renewal Centre, based in New Jersey, USA.
  • Students are thereby assured that the RGCR courses and quality of training have been vetted by the foremost international research and approving body for skills based training in realist art.
  • ARC Approved™ means the RGCR meets the highest international standards in teaching and training realist skills in art.
  • The RGCR Atelier Program, curriculum, facilities, and teaching standards are bench marked against international ARC Approvedatelier schools, and have been approved by ARC.
  • ARC is not an accreditation agency. It does not authorise schools to grant qualifications on its behalf.
  • The RGCR issues its own Certificates for completion of Levels (a Level is approximately 1 year of full-time study)
  • RGCR Certificates are not recognized by Australian government or international regulatory bodies.


  1. A student’s enrolment can be cancelled without notice if the Director deems his/her conduct inappropriate. In this case a refund of outstanding tuition fees will be made.
  2. Full-time student refund: 30% refund of the total 20 week tuition fee is available if a student withdraws within the first 10 days of tuition (2 weeks) of a 20-week study block, irrespective of the reason(s) for withdrawal.


There is no discount on full time study.


  • The RGCR is in the CBD. Consequently there is hotel accommodation close by.
  • RGCR is not able to assist students with accomodation. However, as RGR is situated in the CBD, there are numerous rental options in the city and nearby suburbs, with good transport links to the School.

RGCR Policies regarding full-time study:

  1. The Director reserves the right to alter Subject requirements without notice.
  2. The Director’s Mentorship: the RGCR reserves the right not to appoint a mentee in any given year.
  3. Irrespective of the reason, no more than a total of 1week (5 days) study can be carried over into a make-up period following non-attendance.
  4. The Director reserves the right to adjust study periods if for example there is a need for him to travel and he cannot teach, or if a workshop is planned and the teaching space is required. At the time of enrolment, students should enquire if either is likely during their chosen study period. Students will be notified in advance, with alternative arrangements made to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.
  5. Full-time students are given a key. The key is not to be duplicated or loaned.
  6. Full-time students have access to the School on weekends, public holidays, and after hours with an 11.00pm curfew, unless a part-time class or workshop is running.
  7. The RGCR space can only be used for study and work. It is not to be used as a social venue.
  8. The use of alcohol and drugs are prohibited on the premises.
  9. The Director reserves the right to change and/or amend the information herein at any time. This includes course structure, Subject requirements, expected completion times for Subjects and Levels, fees, and variations in course requirements pertaining to an individual’s progress, and any other matter mentioned. Changes made will be in the best interests of the student, and to enhance student educational experience and outcomes.
  10. All information is true at the time of writing.
  11. Disclaimer: Rob Gutteridge and the Rob Gutteridge School of Classical Realism has responsibilities to the student studying at the RGCR for the paid duration of study only.