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General Information



The purpose of the Rob Gutteridge School of Classical Realism (RGCR) is to teach and equip students to become capable, confident practitioners of the subtle and complex art of realism in painting and drawing. The range of subjects in the atelier’s program covers all aspects of classical realism, with the human figure a key theme.

The school provides:

  • Air conditioned teaching space
  • Coordinated, in-depth study program enabling students to make sophisticated realistic paintings and drawings
  • The human figure as a particular focus of study
  • Easels
  • Drawing boards
  • Cast collection
  • Teaching aids and models: anatomical models, skeleton, teacher’s instructional drawings
  • Small library
  • Teaching notes for each subject
  • Materials list for each subject
  • Teaching and critique at the easel
  • Teaching by demonstration
  • Small class size (5 – 10 students)
  • Bargue and master copy reproductions for student use
  • Workshops in specialist topics

Mixed classes

Students follow the same curriculum, but work at their own pace. Consequently, students in the same class may be at different places in the curriculum. Small class sizes mean there is ample time for Rob Gutteridge to give individual instruction at the easel, irrespective of the mix of Subjects being studied in the class. Mixed classes facilitate peer learning. Separate classes are held for figure drawing and figure painting, as the space requirements are different.

Reserve a station

After completing the Introduction to classical drawing: Bargue drawing course, students enrol to work at a station:

The workstation provides storage shelves, stable lighting, shadow box, cast support, easel, and table.

If enrolled for the full day

  • study all day or any part of the day between 10am and 5pm
  • Space to store art supplies in the station between am and pm classes

Study options

Part Time: 3 hour classes
Minimum 10 class subscription (30 hours) or multiples of 10 classes.
Tuition rate for 10 class subscription. Reducing hourly rates available depending on the number of classes subscribed to.

Full Time
20 week subscription: 30 hours per week = 600 hours
Total cost = $7,710.00 (includes $30.00 administration fee for new students).

Enrolment by fee payment upon receipt of invoice.

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