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RGCR Atelier Program

Part time study

Subscription Tuition per hour 3 hour class Total
10 classes $20 $60 $600.00
20 classes $19 $57 $1140.00



Full time study

$7,710.00 per 20-week study block


Cost Break down:


3 days per week: $16.00 per hour
X 3 days per week @ 6hrs per day (18hours per week)
= $288.00 per week
x 20 weeks = $5,760.00


Studio use:

2 days per week: $8.00 per hour
X 2 days per week @ 6 hours per day (12 hours per week)
= $96.00 per week
x 20 weeks = $1,920.00


Administration fee:

1 payment for new students: $30.00

Total = $7,710.00

Model fees are included.


To be purchased by the student:

  • all art materials pertaining to drawing and painting
  • écorché: armature, anatomy sculpture instruction book, clay, tools


Fee comparison: you will find RGCR costs are approximately 35% lower than national or international full-time tuition fees. (The money you save each year could pay for a European study tour!)


Fee payment

  1. Pay according to the instructions on the invoice.
  2. Pay by EFT or cash. RGCR does not have credit card facilities.
  3. It is important when making payment to state on your transaction record
    the invoice number.
  4. Split payment is available: 50% at the commencement of a subscription
    block, and 50% when 1/2 the subscription block of classes have been
    used. Or students pay in full at the start of a subscription block.
  5. In the invoice there appears the term “class subscription” with a number
    before it: 10 or 20, referring to the number of classes the subscription is
    for. A subscription is the total number of classes you are invoiced for.
  6. RGCR will invoice on average, once every 10 weeks. Students attending 1
    class per week will be invoiced for 10 classes. Students attending 2 x
    classes per week will be invoiced for 20 classes. Students attending 3
    classes per week will be invoiced for 30 classes/sessions etc.
  7. A class is 1 x 3 hour class.
  8. An invoice is not a bill – it is a tracking method for taxation purposes and



  1. A student is not obliged to complete all classes in a subscription block. A
    student, having paid for 50% of the classes in a subscription may withdraw
    when those classes have been used up.
  2. No other refund for any reason is available.


Students are eligible for 10% discount of fees on the following:

RGCR Atelier Program
Workshops: Sunday Studio

Eligibility criteria:

Enrolled students, pensioners, seniors card holders, registered teachers, current commonwealth concession card holders.

Evidence is required at the first class and on the Application to Enrol form.

Students already enrolled in the RGCR Atelier Program are eligible for the following discount:

10% discount on workshops.

Note: the 10% discount is available once only on any service: i.e. a student is not eligible to apply for 10% as a pensioner and a further 10% as an RGCR enrolled student.

There is no discount on full time study as the tuition rate is already heavily discounted (20%) from $20.00 per hour to $16.00 per hour.

10% discount on art materials bought at The PaintBox, 7, Main Street, Hahndorf, SA 5153, if you notify the proprietor you are an RGCR student.

Secondary Teachers

Participation in the RGCR Atelier Program or workshops contributes to Professional Learning required by the Teachers Registration Board. Upon request, a Certificate of Participation will be provided.

For more information contact Rob Gutteridge at: robjgutteridge@gmail.com
Mobile: 0434965434 after 6.00pm Monday – Friday