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2019 Workshops Program

Attached is the program of 2019 Workshops in skills based realist art at the Rob Gutteridge School of Classical Realism. RGCR drawing and painting workshops are tailored especially to the needs of realist artists, and are taught by Rob Gutteridge, the Director of the School.

Please email Rob Gutteridge to reserve a place in any of the workshops, or pass this information on to anyone you think may be interested in attending.

RGCR workshops are suitable for students of all levels, including high school students. Practicing artists wanting to develop new skills or improve those they already have are always welcome.

I recommend that the “Russian academic figure drawing” workshop is most suitable for intermediate to advanced students. The “Figure construction” workshop scheduled immediately before it is a useful introduction to the technical concepts involved in the “Russian academic figure drawing” workshop.

There are places for only 10 students maximum in each workshop. I will take advance bookings immediately.

Thank you for your interest in all things to do with making and appreciating realist art.

Rob Gutteridge.

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