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Composition for Visual Artists – September 2019

This workshop is for visual artists and students who want to know what composition is and how to use it. The workshop covers classical approaches to composition, geometry and tonal composition, and insights into visual organisation from the psychology of visual perception. It is based around a series of practical exercises designed to enable students to confidently engage with issues in composition. Session 5 (13/10/19) will be conducted at the Art Gallery of South Australia where students will make compositional analyses from original paintings.

Dates: 15/9/19 – 20/10/19. 6 consecutive Sundays
Times: 10am – 4.45pm (45 minutes lunch)
Where: Rob Gutteridge School of Art (RGCR), 49a, Whitmore Square, Adelaide, SA
5000; 1 session at the Art Gallery of South Australia.
Minimum 4 students, maximum 10 students

Cost: $900.00 (10% discount for enrolled RGCR students, and other eligible parties)
Reserve your place by paying the invoice you will receive after registering your interest.
The course content and materials list follows.

To register your interest, contact Rob Gutteridge: robjgutteridge@gmail.com.au
Mobile: 0434965434