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Rob Gutteridge in London with the Society of Graphic Fine Art (SGFA)

London and the Society of Graphic Fine Art (SGFA)

In May I travelled to London to present a folio of my drawings to the selection panel of the Society of Graphic Fine Art to apply for membership to the Society. Leaving my apartment in Trafalgar Square that morning, I took the drawings over to the SGFA and spent the rest of the day in the National Gallery while I waited for their phone call, which duly arrived, asking me to come back for interview and find out their decision.  They were very happy to accept me as an associate member and thanked me for coming from Australia for it. So I am now an Associate Member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art, and I will apply for full membership next year. As an Associate Member I am entitled to use the letters designate after my name: ASGFA. I hope my students at the Rob Gutteridge School of Classical Realism, through activities such as this, are motivated to connect with fellow artists and institutions who are part of the international resurgence in skill based realist art.