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Rob Gutteridge studied academic figure drawing and figure painting at the I. Repin Russian Academy of Arts Summer School, St. Petersburg, Russia, July – August 2018

A photo of many graphite and oil painting figure studies lined up on easels.

Multiple works on easels: final exhibition and evaluation in the teaching studio.

Rob Gutteridge attended the Summer School of the Russian Academy of Arts to find out for himself what makes Russian academic figure drawing and figure painting so distinctive. Throughout his career, Rob has sought out international opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills as an artist and teacher. At the Russian Academy Rob was taught drawing by Professor M. Molyakov, the Academy’s Professor of Anatomical Drawing. Rob considers himself fortunate in this, as Rob was the first teacher in Australia to revive the lost art (lost to Australia) of écorché (anatomical sculpture of a flayed figure). Rob is an autodidact in the study and teaching of human anatomy for artists, which he now teaches at the RGCR.

At the Rob Gutteridge School of Classical Realism, Rob begins each year by teaching a 2-week intensive full-time Summer School in January. In 2020 the Summer School will be “The Russian Approach to Academic Figure Drawing and Painting”. In this 80 hour Summer School, Rob will teach what he discovered during his time at the Russian Academy of Arts, about the distinctive character and approach that makes Russian figure drawing and painting so special.

Only 10 students will be accepted into the RGCR Summer School.

More details to follow about the RGCR Summer School.

Enquiries and expressions of interest about the RGCR Summer School may be made by contacting Rob Gutteridge. See contact details on this website.

An oil painting of a woman with a short undercut and a neutral expression.

Paintings and drawings by Rob Gutteridge.

Two easels each prepared with two figure studies, one in oil paint and the other in graphite.

Russian Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia, Summer School, 2018.